Rebel inc.

Rebel inc. is all about what you can do by thinking out of the bubble.

Without emptying the children’s piggy bank, you can get a super cool website, business cards, laser engraved signs, and everything else you need to boost your business or personal branding.

With the right technology and service you can create a new business with webshop and card terminal, direct import and delivery service…
Top professionally, even without a budget.

Rebel inc. is for those who would otherwise not go to a graphic designer or business consultant because the budget is not quite there …

The page Rebel business is about starting a business, festival or association.

The page Rebel design is about graphic design, from websites to enamel signs and tattoos.

On the Propaganda page you can find videos, PDFs and more. which can give you more knowledge and inspiration.


Hasse “Hassan” Sørensen