Lord of the Manor of Hougun, Disruptionist, graphic designer, writer, concept creater, instructor and almost fearless …

I’m fluent in Danish, Swedish and English, and I can order coffee in Spanish, French, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Pidgin.

I was born 1970 in the most boring town in Denmark, but with easy access to Greenland, Greece and Narnia.

My parents were adventures, and quite possibly insane, so I spend most of my childhood in wooden barracks and hotel rooms. This continued in my adult life.

It hardwired my brain to a preference for inspiration and improvisation.

It is my die hard belief that you should overthink things in the process, not before you get started: Act now – think later!

I’d rather work with people starting a business with 100 euros, than people looking to invest 100 million.

I’m not a socialist – I’m a micro-capitalist.

¿Professional background? – You can check out my resume here

Said behind my back

“He’s the Jamie Oliver to the graphic industry… Talks way too much, making really geeky stuff sound so simple.”
– students @ Jensens Kurser

“He’s insane. In a good way. But clearly insane.”
– Mads Nordholm, V8 Squirrel

“Hassan can make an Internet server on a toilet in Bombay, only using a Nokia 3310 and a piece of tin foil”
– Ben Hasnaoui, Fløng Production College 

“Will you be able to make a living?”
– My mom

Let's be pals

I am prepared to meet almost anywhere in southern Scandinavia, on the spot. Anywhere else will take some persuasion.

If you would like to come to me, I have the opportunity both to serve coffee at my own address in Lund (Sweden),  and at Total Gravering, at Byleddet 3A in Roskilde (Denmark).

And here’s the dry information:

VAT: SE700106235001

Swedish Account.: 5624 0390305
IBAN: SE0350000000056240390305

Swish: 0725306534

Danish Account: 7436 0001011492
IBAN: DK9374360001011492

MobilePay: 31502015