Rebel Art

A few years ago, I started doing things that were not ordered, but simply things I wanted to do myself. Whether it’s art I don’t know, but these are things I’ve come up with, and most can be bought somewhere, or ordered from me, even in translation.

Elsinore details

Elsinore (Helsingør) lives in the details …

The poster is printed in limited edition and individually numbered. They are sold out from here.

A2 (42 x 59.4 cm). 135 g / m² art print paper, glossy coated. CMYK. Climate neutral print.

Postcards and posters can be purchased at Arnold Busck on Stengade in Elsinore.

Elsinore map

I drew an art map of Elsinore (Helsingør), filled with peculiar details and silly notes.

At the back is a mini guide book.

It can be purchased at Helsingør City Museum, and in Café André at Axeltorv, for DKK 39.

The card is unfolded, so for example, AirBnB people can hang it up in their guest room.

A2 (42 x 59.4 cm). 135 g / m² art print paper, glossy coated. CMYK. Climate neutral print.

Wh*t the fuck

Someone has to ask …

A2 (42 x 59.4 cm). 135 g / m² art print paper, glossy coated. CMYK. Climate neutral print.

Lund map

Sammen med min yngste datter er jeg begyndt at lave et kort over Lund, efter samme princip som Helsingørkortet. Men denne gang bliver det større, vildere, sjovere, mere detaljeret, og særligt tilpasset alle de nye udenlandske studerende på Lunds universitet, og turister.

A work in progress …

Sound Map

The complete, non-discriminatory and hitherto lack of overview of trains in the Øresund region.

In preparation …

NO-NO signs

Warning and prohibition signs work only if you notice them.
And then it gets a little less dry if they also appeal to one’s imagination and humor.

Made to order, optional size.

Long sleeve t-shirts

Why should t-shirts with messages always be short-sleeved?

Made individually. Contact me for price, size, etc.



Restroom reading at a very high level.

On it says: “Hassan Sørensen is a graphic designer and copywriter, and whit this book springs to light as one of our century’s most progressive pocket philosophers.

The books are only in Danish, so here’s your chance to learn a new language.

The manual for life

The manual for life is a pocket-philosophical book, in pocket format, which can be read with advantage in the quiet moments on the train, in the toilet and in the hospital bed. Here you will find explanations of sexual fantasies, colonies and global warming, as well as directions to the perfect life, in addition to starting your own religious sect and raising your children.

What is the circle of cool? When to turn off your mobile? How many people do we get on earth? Can a math teacher be attractive? What’s the meaning of life? Get answers to these, and many other questions, in this important little book.

I didn't get a boat

This book is dedicated to my daughter, Manila.

It is a turbo extension of the speech I gave to her confirmation, which created quite a brow, in those who did not fall asleep.

With strange anecdotes, strange metaphors and tongue pressed firmly into the cheek, I try to explain how to navigate life and the world.



– and obviously that it’s my daughter’s fault that I didn’t get a boat.