Rebel Business

I have a special love for those who have no money, but who have lots of energy and ambition.

That’s why I want to help you with all the things you need when you have a new or small business and have a lot of other good things to spend money on.

I aid new and small businesses – mostly in southern Scandinavia – getting their business established with as few costs as possible.

I help them with formal registration, bookkeeping and invoicing tools, credit card terminals, insurance, interior decoration, visual identity, logo design, website, businesscards etc.

I'm doing it because

it’s fun and challenging, and feeds my entrepreneurial gene.
I like many small businesses better than few big chains.
Small businesses are better for the local environment, the climate, the economy, the community, the flexibility, the job creation, the community, and – not least – my mood. Helping create or strengthen small businesses is disruption at its best. At the same time, it is creatively challenging.
Do I make money from it? Yes, a little, but unfortunately it will probably never be my main occupation if rent is to be paid every month.

Examples of guerrilla startups

“Street food” in a rowboat by the beach in Hornbæk (since it is not legal to sell food on the beach, but legally a few meters out on the water!)

A plumbing company in Stockholm exclusively transporting around cargo bikes.

A tattoo artist and a piercer moved onto the two vacant chairs of a hairdressing salon.

A coffee chain in Copenhagen has only small Italian coffee mugs.

A cafe in a window sill.

An art gallery in – and around – a window to the street.

A pop-up art gallery in a launderette.

A music festival on an empty piece of land under a bridge.

An entire graphic design or audit business in a backpack.

Street food in a cargo bike, van or caravan.

A clothing store in a container.

A home-to-yourself tattoo artist. – especially suitable for tattoos that require uncomfortable nudity…