Rebel living

Rebel living is like everything else “Rebel”: Cheap and creative. But depending on what your focus is, Rebel living can also be about independence, environment, flexibility, and everything else.

It can also be about necessity like when I had to furnish an apartment and a kitchen, for my daughter and me, for DKK 2,200. It was done with pallets, apple boxes (real apple boxes, not the hipster model for 800), flea finds and paint samples.

As inspiration, both for living and interior design, I have selected some videos here, most from the channel “Living Big in a tiny House“.

There is some law in our part of the world that prevents you from legally just building your own house, at your discretion, but I’m sure you can find a lot of good inspiration anyway, to make you more economical, environmentally friendly, or outside the bubble…

Now it's your turn ...

Feel free to contact me for help and ideas for decorating your home, shop, office, etc.