You know the Mile High Club, yeah? The unofficial membership club, that automatically includes everyone who had sex in an altitude exceeding 10,000 meters. Most often that means in the airplane restroom.

Now that flying becomes less frequent, for environmental reasons, it’s time to present the responsible alternative: The Fast Track Club.

FTC automatically includes everyone who ever had sex on the train.

(There is already a name for people who had sex in a car. It’s called americans)

You can actually contact me to order a stainless steel, laser engraved, credit card size membership card, if – and only if – you pinky swear that you actually had sex:

  • FTC card: On a moving train
  • MHC: On an airplane at least 10,000 metres above sea level

Unfortunately I can not provide an american citizen card just because you had sex in a car. But anyway… Who wants to be american?

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